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Life Changes Constantly

You should not have to stay still

However quickly you want to sell your property, we will make it happen even quicker.
Is selling your property taking longer than expected? Are you worried about selling at a fair price? Do you just want to get rid of your property and move on with life? 
We are locally owned and operated so whatever your reason for selling, Rapid Property will step in and ensure a quick and painless experience.

Are you going through a divorce or relocating and struggling to sell your property? Do you own a vacant property and just do not want to deal with it anymore? Are you tired of tenants or inherited a property you do not want? Maybe you lost your job and just cannot afford the payment anymore and cannot afford to pay a real estate agent their fees to sell it. Do you owe more on your property than it is worth and listing with an agent just is not an option? 
Contact Rapid Property today and let us give you one less thing to worry about.

Expertise working for you

Every sale has its reasons, and yours is no different

Whether you need the money fast, are facing repossession, or just worried about your credit rating – you just want it gone now. Let Rapid Property help!

We are a team of enthusiastic experts ready to step in and help you get rid of that property. With years of experience, we would like to make you a fair cash offer; we can help you by being the specialists you need to sell your property in a hurry. Our goal is to come into your situation and do what we need to take your property off your hands, regardless of the condition. Let us take over the burden of that unwanted property.

You probably even tried calling a real estate agent. Sometimes selling a property the traditional way with a real estate agent is simply not the best for everyone. As you know, there can be a lot of pitfalls when selling a property the agent route, including: having to clean up and repair the property so it shows well, finding an agent who you trust and who can deliver on their promise (selling your property quickly), signing a contract that binds you to an agent for a certain term, the piles of paperwork you have to sign, shuffling paperwork back and forth from buyer – to agent – to you; and back.

The biggest issue with trying to sell with a real estate agent or selling it yourself is often times retail buyers will tie up a property for weeks and pull out on the deal at the last second; or have their bank loan fall through.

It can all add stress, months to the process, and in the end after paying the agent fees, you may or may not be ahead of the game.

Want to sell your property fast?

  • Moving or cannot afford bond repayments?
  • Need cash quickly?
  • Divorce settlement?
  • Inherited property in probate?
  • Facing repossession or an auction?
  • Avoid a bad credit rating?

We offer fast solutions!

  • All pretty (or ugly) properties wanted
  • Any price range
  • Any condition (no need for renovations, repairs or clean-ups)
  • No long waiting periods for a buyer’s offer or bank approval
  • No agent fees or commissions
  • Cash offer provided in a few days if our requirements are met

How it works

We provide Fast, Efficient and Confidential service


Submit your information about the property, and let us know how to reach you


We will contact you and set up a convenient time on your schedule to come out and see what you need to get moving


Our fair experts will find the value of your property, and ensure that it meets the criteria we need to take it off your hands. This offer will be given to you in writing so you have documentation of what is going on


Most commonly, we make an offer for cash. No need for bank approvals or waiting around. If the offer we make is something you like, we can buy it off you quickly and easily, often for cash. Your headache is gone, and you don’t have to deal with it anymore

Get yourself a fast and free

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About our company

We provide win-win solutions to help property owners get out of their sticky situation.

When you call upon Rapid Property, we leave no stone unturned to offer the most reliable services. Our goal is to listen to your needs and understand the situation first. Each situation is unique, and we are committed to learning how best to move your property.

Through that, we create a tailored win-win situation for you, based on what we need to sell your property, and what you need to get from the sale. We respect your privacy and the nature of your situation. After calling Rapid Property, we will get associates to talk to you and get the plan into action.

We strive to get you a fair price, and all this is performed by taking control of the situation on your behalf. With our contacts and expertise, we can get the job done faster and smoother than you might imagine. We will do all the hard work, and together we can get your property sold.

We at Rapid Property work differently. We are not a national “we buy properties with cash” company collecting property information; we are the trusted local and family-owned “We Buy Property” company. We will provide you a fair all-cash offer on your property within 24-72 hours of submitting the short property info form and can close when you want to close. If the property is in terrible shape and you do not want to (or cannot) fix it up; NO problem, we will deal with it for you. If you need to get it done quickly, we can close in as little as 7 days because we do not have to rely on traditional bank financing.

Rapid Property is one of the most respected property buying services. Our professional, experienced property buying team has been built from the ground up with the goal of helping property owners like you, to sell your property fast, with no hassle, no games, no fees, and with transparency and integrity from start to finish.

We buy properties countrywide and focus on various surrounding areas, so our property buying team can help you sell your property fast no matter where in or around the country the property is, no matter its condition, whether you’re upside down on your mortgage or not.

Again, we are not agents. We are actually local property buyers and have our own cash; so we can make you an all cash offer on the spot. Once we make you an offer you can take that offer, shop it around if you want, talk it over with others, and think about it if you want. We will not pressure you one bit.

What others have to say about us

“It was very important to me to NOT have to fix anything when I sold this property. Rapid Property was great. They did a good job of explaining the process. I got a fair price offer and we closed just as soon as I wanted. I would recommend them to anyone wanted to sell a property fast.”

“I moved and could no longer afford to keep up with the home. It was in really bad shape. I almost gave up not trying to sell it. I met with the team from Rapid Property and two weeks later, they purchased my home. Very fast and great service!”

“We were selling a piece of property and were referred to Rapid Property. From the time, we contacted them to the day we signed the paperwork and received the money; it was less than a week. We are very pleased at the outcome, Rapid Property were very positive and pleasant to work with. Thank you for an easy way to sell our property. We definitely would recommend Rapid Property to anyone that would have a difficult property to sell.”

“Rapid Property addressed my issue and bought my property and they did it with being professional but personable”

“I was in a stressful situation and wanted to sell a property I owned quickly. Rapid Property made the process simple, and stress-free. Most importantly, they were not only professional and knowledgeable but also sensitive to my difficult situation. I would most definitely recommend them to a friend.”


We know – life happens!

When the time comes to move on, it can be for good or bad reasons.

No situation is perfect, and sometimes a few problems arise. Is your property in danger of being repossessed? Perhaps you are upside-down on the equity, and the bank wants more than what the property is worth. Sometimes, it just needs a little bit of repair and attention. Rapid Property is willing to work with you and see what the property is worth to us. Maybe we can step in where others have walked away. With experience and contacts throughout our area, we are ready to see just what can be done, even if others never gave you a chance.

What most of our clients have in common?

  • They want to be treated fair
  • They need a solution fast
  • Any condition (no need for renovations, repairs or clean-ups)
  • They do not have the extra cash to pay all kinds of fees like real estate agent fees, closing fees, etc
  • They just want out of the headache this property is giving them; and they have found that we can help them

We do all the legwork for you!

The property market has not been going well for some time now, and wading into it unprepared can be a nightmare. Let us do that for you. We will come in as a one-stop-shop to see what you need to move away from, and give you a fair offer for it. If you take it, the payment is Rapid! You can move on, and do what you want post the transaction, instead of the burden of a property you can’t begin to get rid of alone. Rapid Property is ready to live up to our name, and get you moving on to bigger and better things!

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