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Selling your house on your own is very possible, but it involves a large amount of time and (oftentimes) money. Your next step is to find a real estate agency that can help take the legwork out of the tedious process, right? Not necessarily.

If you’re looking to sell your home quickly for cash with minimal effort, relying on a real estate agent is not your only option. Nor will it be the fastest or best way to receive your property’s value in cash quickly.

The Disadvantages of Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Professional real estate agents will require professional photographs (which you’ll likely need to pay for), listings on sites that take time to see movement from, scheduled open-house days and more. This will all take unnecessary time – sometimes it can take up to 90 days to sell your home, and even that isn’t a guarantee in today’s rocky economy. There are a few major drawbacks of hiring a real estate agent to sell your house for you.

The need for renovations and clean-ups 

Because your estate agent will list images of your property on different sites, they will need to take professional photos of your home to make it look enticing. This may require pricey renovations (repainting, crack repairs, carpet replacements) requested by the agent. They want to make the sale as quickly as possible, so they might ask you to jump through hoops to make that happen. Clean-ups may also be pricey depending on whether you use a professional cleaning service.

Paying commission 

Real estate agents take a certain amount of commission on the sale of the house in order to cover the cost of advertising, fees for listing sites and more. The percentage of commission will depend on how much the house is being sold for.

Depending on the listing agreement there are also instances where, if the sale is not closed and the house is taken off the market for any reason, that the property seller will need to pay the agent commission regardless. This is both risky, and unnecessarily expensive.  

Working with a busy agent 

Real estate agents often have multiple clients to deal with at a time, meaning that you may not be their highest priority. If your agent is busy with other clients, you may find it difficult to reach them and schedule open-house days that fit into your schedule. A busy agent may also miss out on closed deals due to delayed responses from their side.

Luckily, there is a fast, efficient alternative to hiring a real estate.  

Sell My House Fast for Cash in South Africa

Selling your home to a cash buyer has multiple benefits! You are able to bypass the “hoops” mentioned above, while skipping the long waiting period and hefty commission fees. Cash buyers offer fast cash sales once an evaluation has been done, and offers can be made within days of the assessment on your home. They also purchase your home “as is”, eliminating the need for renovations.

Rapid Property offers all of these services and more to ensure that the sale of your home is done efficiently and effectively, removing all the obstacles along the way. Contact us for more property sale advice!